Points of Interest

Oahu Points of Interest

'Iolani Palace

‘Iolani Palace is located in the capitol district of Honolulu, and is the only royal palace that exists on US soil. It’s unique architecture…

Chinamans Hat island in hawaii

Chinaman's Hat

Mokoli’i more widely referred to as Chinaman’s Hat, is a small basalt island located in Kaneohe Bay near 

halona blowhole cove and lookout

Halona Blowhole

Created thousands of years ago by lava tubes heading towards the ocean, the Halona Blowhole…

Oahu Kawaiahao Church

Kawaiahao Church

Kawaiaha’o Church is a congregational church located in downtown Honolulu, it is also a designated…

nu'uanu pali lookout - clouds above a deep green valley surrounded by ocean on all sides

Nu'uanu Pali Lookout

The Nu’uanu Pali Lookout is a section of the Ko’olau mountain range located on the windward side of Oahu, Hawaii… 

Oahu PAM Plane Smile

Pearl Harbor Aviation Museum

Still bearing the bullet holes from that fateful day in December 1941, two former World War II seaplane…

USS Bowfin (SS287) in dock at Pearl Harbor, Oahu, Hawaii

USS Bowfin

Sinking 22 vessels in its patrols during WWII the USS Bowfin is one of the Navy’s most storied “Silent Service” submarines.

center of punchbowl national cemetery with us flag at full mast

Punchbowl National Cemetery

The Punchbowl National Cemetery is a quiet place of beauty and reflection where visitors can honor the fallen members of our Nation’s..

gold robed king kamehameha statue in front of iolani palace in honolulu

King Kamehameha

The King Kamehameha Statue stands across the street from the ‘Iolani Palace in Downtown Honolulu and is…

Sun Rising over Arizona Memorial

USS Arizona Memorial

Learning about one of the most pivotal moments in US history: the attack on Pearl Harbor, and the subsequent entry of the United States into World War II...

Waikiki Beach History

Waikiki Beach

Waikiki is not only the Capital of Hawaii, the birthplace of modern surfing and the home of Hawaii’s bustling tourism industry..

Maui Points of Interest

Maui Iao Valley with view of iao needle

Iao Valley

Famous for being the “second wettest place in Hawaii” the Iao Valley gets on average 1 inch of rain per day every year and is on nearly…

Haleakala Sunset with people silhouetted in foreground


“It was the sublimest spectacle I ever witnessed, and I think the memory of it will remain with me always….” Haleakala is…

car drives along road to hana with lush green hills in back and foreground

Road to Hana

Take the historic drive on one of our amazing Road to Hana tours to see some of the most excellent views available on Maui’s beautiful coastline.

Hawaii Island Points of Interest

red light and steam emits from active volcano

Jaggar Museum

The Jaggar Museum located in Volcanoes National Park on top of Kilauea is the perfect place to learn about the magnificent and destructive power…


“It was the sublimest spectacle I ever witnessed, and I think the memory of it will remain with me always….”

Nene - Hawaiian Goose

Nene Goose

The Hawaiian Goose or the “Nene” (nay-nay) is the Official Bird of Hawaii. As an endangered species that once numbered at a mere 60…

Kauai Points of Interest

Waianapanapa Hana Maui - coconut laden palm trees above a crystal blue bay

Garden Isle

Visit Hawaii’s Garden Isle with Polynesian Adventure Activities and see all of the amazing scenic stops…

man eating fire at luau kalamaku luau ceremony

Luau Kalamaku

A luau unlike any other in Hawaii. Lu’au Kalamaku brings to life an epic tale describing the voyages the ancient Polynesians took between…

waimea canyon rainbow

Waimea Canyon

Over 10 miles long, 3,567 feet deep and a mile wide at points, it is no wonder that Waimea Canyon is compared to…