The Garden Isle – Kauai

Visit the Garden Isle of Kauai

Visit Hawai’i’s Garden Isle with Polynesian Adventure Activities and see all of these amazing scenic stops during our Kauai Tours.

Wailua River

The Wailua River on Kauai is Hawai’i’s largest river at 20 miles long. The river once ran through 7 different temples (heiau) on its path to the ocean, many of these temple’s ancient foundations and stone carvings are still able to be seen today- when the water level is at the right height.

Wide and tranquil the Wailua River snakes through lush jungle forests leading to many popular tourist destinations like Opaekaa & Wailua Falls, as well as the famous Fern Grotto.

Fern Grotto

A 2 mile journey by boat up the Wailua River leads to this famous tourist destination. The Fern Grotto is a lava-rock cave with lush ferns that hang from its roof. Open air cruises float past sacred sites of ancient Hawaiians on your journey down the Wailua River to the grotto.

Spouting Horn

This Hawaiian version of Old Faithful is found on Kauai. Much like the Halona Blowhole on Oahu, as the tide funnels waves through a lava tube, a huge plume of seawater shoots out from the rocky shoreline, spraying water up to 50 feet in the air. The sound of the spraying water is followed by a low moaning sound, created by air being pushed through another nearby hole is what gives Spouting Horn its name. A popular tourist stop Spouting Horn makes for an amazing photo, if you can time it just right!

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