Iao Valley

Iao Valley

Famous for being the “second wettest place in Hawai’i” the Iao Valley gets on average 1 inch of rain per day every year and is on nearly every must see or to-do pamphlet in Hawai’i for good reason!

iao needle in iao valley on maui

One of the easiest to access as well as scenic destinations on Maui the Iao Valley is not to be missed. Perfect for families with young children or seniors, due to its paved walkways,  ease of access and scenic views from any location.

The Iao Valley was once known as a sacred place for ancient Hawaiian Ali’i, many of whom were buried among its hillsides. It was also the place of a great many battles between rival leaders and their tribes, the most famous being the Battle of Kepanawai where Kamehameha’s victory over Maui’s ruling chief eventually lead to the unification of the Hawaiian islands under one rule.

The Iao Needle is the main attraction in the valley. Rising 2,250 ft from the seafloor the Iao Needle, an ancient lookout point for Hawaiian warriors is normally covered in lush green flora and is a sight to behold. If you enjoy majestic & grandiose, lush green hillsides, calm tropical rivers, and hikes through prehistoric rainforests, then be sure to check out Iao Valley while you’re in Maui.

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