Kona Coffee

Kona Coffee: The Best in the World?

The first time you try freshly brewed Kona Coffee will truly change how good you think a cup of joe can taste. Whether a daily drinker or a new fan, Kona coffee is truly some of the best in the world.

green and red unriped coffee beans

The coffee plant while not native to Hawai’i is perfectly suited for growing here. Mineral-rich soil from the slopes of volcanoes and a perfect climate come together to make Kona an ideal setting for growing these amazing coffee beans. The coffee plant was brought here from Brazil by the Reverend Samuel Ruggles who brought it to the islands sometime in the 1820s. Today there are dozens if not hundreds of coffee farms that dot the islands.

How is Kona Coffee Harvested?

Springtime is when the coffee plant blooms and sprouts green berries, within months the berries turn into a lush, bright-red color and they are ready to be picked. Once the cherries are picked they are pulped to remove the red outer flesh and then left to ferment in a tank. After a set fermentation time they are removed from the tank and laid out on large outdoor decks to be dried by the sun. The beans are then sorted and go through another process where their outer “silver-skin” is removed leaving the beans which are now ready to be roasted.

Royal Kona Coffee Mill & Museum

See and experience some of the many steps that go into making some of the best coffee in the world when you visit the Royal Kona Coffee Mill & Museum, samples and wonderful treats to pair with your coffee are also available. And while you’re there don’t forget to take a bag (or two!) back home so you can start your morning like you’re back in Hawai’i.

Visit the Royal Kona Coffee Mill & Museum when you book your next trip in Kona with Polynesian Adventure Activities.

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