Hawai’i Holidays – Kehau Himalaya

The 'Christmas' Spirit of Aloha

There is nothing like spending the Holidays in Hawai’i. With so many places to go, things to see, and special Hawaiian traditions we asked some of our amazing employees how they enjoy spending the holidays in a place like no other – Hawai’i.¬†

We talked to our Kona Station Manager, Kehau Himalaya to ask her about some of her favorite Hawaiian traditions during the Holidays!

Hi, Kehau! What is your role here at PolyAd and how long have you been a member of our Ohana?
Hi Guys! I am the Station Manager on the beautiful island of Kona. I’ve been with PolyAd for 12 years!

What is your favorite Hawaiian Tradition or Holiday? How do you and your Ohana celebrate?
My favorite Holiday is Christmas. We try to get everyone together for a Christmas party at my house. Everyone brings their favorite food and we eat and catch up with everyone.

What are the best Christmas Activities in Hawai'i?

Our family tradition every Christmas starts on December 1st. All the keiki in our Ohana will take all of the toys that they no longer play with and we donate them to the Women’s shelter throughout the Islands. I remember doing this as a keiki myself. My grandparents and parents explained to us that we are very fortunate to have a lot of materialistic things and that some keiki don’t have anything to call their OWN. By having us take all of our unwanted toys to the shelters and seeing the look of excitement in the keiki’s eyes every year we took our unwanted toys to keiki who didn’t have anything was an image that stays in my hearts memory.

Lightning Round: Ready?!
Haha let’s do it!

Snorkeling or Zipline?
I prefer snorkeling. I love the ocean! I also enjoy seeing all the beautiful fish and colors that the ocean has to offer.

Mac Salad or Potato Salad?
I prefer Potato & Mac salad. It’s the best of both. LOL.

Pineapple or Mango?
Pineapple with li hing mui powder is the best way to eat it.

The Moalepe/Kuilau trail is my favorite place to go. I love to hike the trails and swim in the streams. It focuses my mind and leaves me feeling energized and happy.

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