Wandering Mermaid – Lei Calon

The Spirit of Aloha

The word “aloha” is the most recognized of all Hawaiian words. In its simplest use, it means “hello”, “welcome”, or “goodbye”. But the word, to many Hawaiians, can also be used to convey a much deeper and richer feeling, one that encapsulates a way of living, being, and most of all, treating others. This Spirit of Aloha inspires us to do what we do and influences every facet of every tour we offer at Polynesian Adventure Activities.

We wanted to delve further into this particular meaning of Aloha, so we asked Lei Calon, what the Spirit of Aloha means to them, as well as some of their favorite things about Oahu.

Hi, Lei! What is your role & how long have you been here with us at Poly Ad?
I am a Call Center Agent and I have been with the company for 3 months and counting!

What is your favorite thing about Hawai’i?
My favorite thing about the islands of Hawai’i is the fact that this island is a piece of heaven on earth. What I enjoy about Hawai’i is being able to enjoy the beautiful sunny blue skies whether I’m just roaming around, or enjoying a breathtaking hike or spending my day at the beach wherever I am – I always find it really calming and relaxing.

What does the Spirit of Aloha mean to you?

The spirit of Aloha is an amazing trait that locals have cultivated and contributed to the community over generations and generations. It’s a way of living where locals are always more than willing to lend a helping hand no matter if its something as simple as directions being asked from a lovely tourist or just simply striking a beautiful smile and saying hellos/alohas to one another.

What is your favorite “off the beaten path” place to enjoy?
It may not be ‘off the beaten path’ but it is definitely my favorite place – I am eternally happy and grateful anytime I find myself near the ocean! What can i say? I’m part mermaid! The ocean breeze, that salty smell and that sunburnt skin at the end of the day its what fills my soul and warms my heart. 

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