Lush Mountains & Green Valleys – Malia Delos Reyes

The Spirit of Aloha

The word “aloha” is the most recognized of all Hawaiian words. In its simplest use, it means “hello”, “welcome”, or “goodbye”. But the word, to many Hawaiians, can also be used to convey a much deeper and richer feeling, one that encapsulates a way of living, being, and most of all, treating others. This Spirit of Aloha inspires us to do what we do and influences every facet of every tour we offer at Polynesian Adventure Activities.

We wanted to delve further into this particular meaning of Aloha, so we asked Malia Delos Reyes what the Spirit of Aloha means to her, as well as some of her favorite things about the Island of Kauai.

Hi, Malia! How long have you been a member of the PolyAd ohana?
Hi Guys! I’ve been a proud member of the Poly Ad Ohana for 13 amazing years – currently working as the station manager on the beautiful island of Kauai.

What is your favorite thing about Hawai’i, Malia?
I have more than one! My favorite things are the lush mountains and valleys behind my house when the morning sun hits them. I get a feeling of being so small, and yet a part of all that beauty that will continue long after I am gone.

Hawaiian Sunset on Kauai - Polynesian Adventure Activities - Spirit of Aloha

How would you describe the Spirit of Aloha?

The Aloha Spirit is the welcome you receive when you enter a place. It is the little kindnesses that are shown by helping someone who needs information, or just taking the time to talk story with someone that is lonely.

One mile sign on kuilau trail in Kauai, Hawai'i

What is your favorite ‘off the beaten path’ place to enjoy?
The Moalepe/Kuilau trail is my favorite place to go. I love to hike the trails and swim in the streams. It focuses my mind and leaves me feeling energized and happy.

Who is your favorite Hawaiian musician?
I love listening to Keali’i Reichel. His voice is beautiful and brings back wonderful memories of when I was younger and first heard him sing.

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