Can, Can. No Can, No Can. – Joy Takafuji

The Spirit of Aloha

The word “aloha” is the most recognized of all Hawaiian words. In its simplest use, it means “hello”, “welcome”, or “goodbye”. But the word, to many Hawaiians, can also be used to convey a much deeper and richer feeling, one that encapsulates a way of living, being, and most of all, treating others. This Spirit of Aloha inspires us to do what we do and influences every facet of every tour we offer at Polynesian Adventure Activities.

We wanted to delve further into this particular meaning of Aloha, so we asked Joy Takafuji, our Cruise Ship Coordinator what the Spirit of Aloha means to her, as well as some of her favorite things about Maui & Hawai’i.

Hi, Joy! How long have you been here with us at Poly Ad?
I’ve been with Poly Ad for just over 2 years now.

What is your favorite thing about Hawai’i?
My favorite thing about Hawai’i is that you still see a lot of respect and common decency within the islands. Whether it be toward each other, to visitors, or to the environment – no act of kindness is too small. People still go out of their way to help make someone else’s day just a little bit better, which I think in turn makes everyone just a little happier.

Ranch View Kahua

What does the Spirit of Aloha mean to you?

No matter what your day is like or what you are going through in life, you treat others with respect & integrity. It’s the island way.

What is your favorite Hawaiian saying?
I’d have to say that it has to be the one I use most often in my daily life: “If can, can. If no can, no can.”  Plain and simple – if I can get to it I will, if not I can not... Don’t stress over the things you can’t control. It’s the motto I live my life by.

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