Best Hawaiian Luaus

Polynesian Adventure tours offers many options to enjoy the best Hawaiian Luau experience on the islands. Luaus are traditional Hawaiian parties or feasts, and are usually accompanied by entertainment. Among people in Hawaii, the words Luau and party are often meshed together resulting in such terms as; graduation luau, birthday luau and wedding luau's.

Polynesian Cultural Center

The Polynesian Culture Center offers a terrific Luau package that will give you the freedom to wander around this beautiful center at your leisure, and enjoy the 7 major polynesian villages. At each of the villages there are hourly shows and learning experiences. Visitors can enjoy the Luau and the evening dinner show Ha: Breath of Life. The Polynesian Culture Center is also the home of the World Fire knife Championships.

Paradise Cove

The Luau at Paradise Cove is located at Lanikuhonua, “where the heaven meets the earth”. This beautiful beach area with 3 natural and 4 man made lagoons was a traditional rest and relaxation spot for the Ali'i (royals). This excellent natural area provides a spectacular backdrop for a traditional Hawaiian Luau. After the feast you will be treated to award winning performers presenting songs and dances of Hawaii and other Pacific Islands.

Luau Kalamaku

This luau on the Island of Kauai is not to be missed! Enjoy the best Luau on the island with authentic, delicious food and a one of a kind traditional evening show. Join the cast of the show as they take you on an emotional roller coaster during the tale of the epic voyage between Tahiti and Hawaii. This show will have you on the edge of your seat and engaged throughout the entire performance.