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Maui Road to Hana Tour

The Road to Hana Tours

The road to Hana is perhaps one of the most popular things to do in Maui. This beautiful 52 mile trip to the eastern side of Maui is filled with lush tropical forests and scenic coastlines. We leave the city and as we travel east we discover that little has changed in the town of Hana in the last 20 years. Hana is said to be Maui's last “Truly Hawaiian Place”. The serene beauty is unspoiled by the major developments on the rest of the island.

The winding scenic highway to Hana was first completed with gravel in 1926, and was the first land vehicle access to the town. Sugarcane plantations were started here in 1849 and the last one closed in 1946. That same year the small town opened the Ka'uiki Inn, now known as the Hotel Hana Maui, which helped transition the local economy towards tourism.

In 1910 a small general store called Hasegawa General Store opened their doors, and continues today as a 4th generation family owned business. Hana was also the birthplace of Queen Ka'ahumanu in 1768. The famous Charles Lindbergh retired to Hana in 1970 and was buried nearby in 1974.

Spectacular Haleakala Sunrise Tour Road to Hana Highway Adventure Tour
Enjoy the winding scenic 52 mile road to Hana and take in the breathtaking coastal beauty, and lush tropical forests. See amazing watarfalls and...

Tour Time: 7:00am-6:30pm

Adults: $173.23Kids: $111.35
*Includes tax and applicable admissions

Road to Hana Highway Adventure Gold Road to Hana Adventure Gold Tour
(Lunch Included)

Visit the world famous Hana coastline and enjoy the lush tropical beauty. Discover the hidden waterfalls and majestic beauty of paradise with our Road to Hana...

Tour Time: 7:00am-6:30pm

Adults: $195.23Kids: $124.43
*Includes tax and applicable admissions