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Maui's Spectacular Haleakala Sunset Tour

Round-Trip Transportation and 3 course meal Included

Haleakala at Sunset
Depart: 1:30pm Return: 10:00pm
Price # of seats
Total Number of Seats:
Adult (Ages 12+)
Child (Ages 3-11)

Tour Itinerary
* Ascend Haleakala: Incredible panoramic views.

* Haleakala Rangers Station: Stunning views at 7,000 ft. elevation

* Haleakala Visitor Center: Crater views at 9,740 ft. elevation

* Sunset Viewing: A celestial kaledoscope of colors

*Decend Haleakala: View of Maui's lowlands

* Dinner at Cafe O'Lei at the Dunes: 3 course meal, family style dining (including vegan, gluten free & vegetarian options)

* Return to Hotel

Pick up Information
Hotel pick up is provided from major Maui hotels. Enter the name of your hotel at time of reservation. Phone our Reservations Department at 808-877-4242, 24 hours prior to tour to re-confirm your pick up time and place. We are not permitted to pick up in residential areas or at B&B's.

Tour Restriction(s)
This tour is operated on very rough, winding roads. It is not recommended for pregnant women or those with back or motion problems. This tour operates Tuesday's and Friday's only.

Cancellation Policy
If Full refund less 10% is provided if tour is cancelled more than 24 hours prior to tour departure time. If cancelled within 24 hours of tour departure time or if guest no-shows no refund provided. Refund requests are to be received within 30 days of date of tour.

Haleakala Sunrise/Sunset Times

Date Sunset
Jan 1 6:00pm
Jan 15 6:10pm
Feb 1 6:21pm
Feb 15 6:29pm
Mar 1 6:35pm
Mar 15 6:40pm
April 1 6:49pm
April 15 6:49pm
May 1 6:55pm
May 15 7:01pm
June 1 7:08pm
June 15 7:12pm
July 1 7:16pm
July 15 7:15pm
Aug 1 7:09pm
Aug 15 7:01pm
Sept 1 6:49pm
Sept 15 6:33pm
Oct 1 6:19pm
Oct 15 6:06pm
Nov 1 5:55pm
Nov 15 5:49pm
Dec 1 5:47pm
Dec 15 5:50pm

Haleakala Sunset Tour M5

Everybody goes to Mount Haleakala to see the sunrise and start their day, have you ever considered a later show? Introducing the only Maui tour that allows you to capture the stunning views of the Haleakala Sunset. This one of a kind Hawaii tour will give you the opportunity to visit the majestic Mount Haleakala as the sun descends into the Hawaiian night and creates a magical spectacle in the sky.

3 course dinner at Golf Course

Haleakala Sunset Tour Highlights:

 Travel in comfort and style on one of our Gray Line Hawaii coaches with panoramic
     windows and air conditioning as you ascend Mount Haleakala
 Enjoy the views at 7,000 ft above sea level at the Haleakala Ranger Station.
 Amazing crater views at 9,740 ft at the Haleakala Visitor Center
 One of a kind Mount Haleakala sunset viewing with outstanding celestial displays
 Journey down from the summit with views of Maui's lowlands
 Family Style dining at Cafe O'Lei at the Dunes with a three course dinner

After creating memories that will last a lifetime with your loved ones, you will be treated to a culinary delight at Cafe O'Lei at the Dunes, one of Maui's most famous restaurants. As you savor this 3 course meal to end your perfect day, and share your experiences with your companions you will agree that this Hawaii tour is well worth your time. So let’s grab your camera and loved ones and head over to Haleakala, with this unique Maui tour.

This family friendly tour should not be missed by any of your loved ones. You will get to travel in comfort and style on one of our Gray Line coaches with wide panoramic windows that allow spectacular views as you ascend to the summit. With stops at 7,000 feet above sea level at the Haleakala ranger station, and again at 9,740 feet where you will have the best views of the magnificent scenery around you. As dusk approaches in the Hawaiian Islands you will be floored by the cascading colors over the islands as you can see Maui's lowlands and off in the distance the neighboring islands.

House of the Sun

Dress warmly for the summit of Haleakala (Temperatures 20-40 F) This tour is not recommended for people with heart or respiratory conditions that may be exacerbated due to high altitude. People who have gone scuba diving should wait 24 hours before going on this tour. No refunds if sunset not visible due to inclement weather conditions. This tour is operated on very rough, winding roads. It is not recommended for pregnant women or those with back or motion problems.