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USS Oklahoma Memorial

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USS Oklahoma Memorial, Pearl Harbor, Oahu Hawaii

The Oklahoma Memorial is located on Ford Island near the place where the battleship was berthed. The memorial stands as a stark reminder of the 429 sailors and marines who lost their lives on December 7, 1941 in the surprise attack by the Japanese forces. Some of the survivors may have actually walked or crawled across the land that the memorial now sits upon and I am sure they would consider the ground sacred.

The number of lives lost on the Oklahoma was second only to the 1,177 lost aboard the USS Arizona, however there was no memorial for more than 60 years. As part of the Oklahoma sat submerged in the waters around Ford Island many of her crew were in mass graves, and no one knew where the unidentified crew was buried at Punchbowl Cemetery. Starting in the year 2000 survivors of the USS Oklahoma, and members of the USS Oklahoma Memorial Committee at Pearl Harbor and many others came together in order to create the actual memorial. President Bush officially signed the memorial into law, and it was entrusted to the National Park Service as a national memorial. Then on December 7, 2007 the memorial was formally dedicated as a lasting tribute to the USS Oklahoma and her crew. We owe many thanks to the people who worked so hard to make this memorial a reality.

The beauty of the memorial is unmistakable all while representing a honorable tradition. The black granite of the walls are meant to represent the hull of the USS Oklahoma. On the granite there is a depiction of the ship itself and its designation (BB-37) along with the names of the 429 fallen sailors and marines. Just passed the wall are perfectly spaced white marble standards representing the lost servicemen. Each of the pristine white columns is meant to represent the Navy tradition of “manning the rails”. While manning the rails the entire crew stands at attention along the rails or in the rigging of the ship while dressed in their dress white uniforms in order to display respect and honor. The standards at the memorial are meant to symbolize the 429 souls lost who will forever man the rails of the USS Oklahoma.

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