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Pacific Aviation Museum

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Pacific Aviation Museum, Honolulu Hawaii

The Pacific Aviation Museum is located on Ford Island at Pearl Harbor Hawaii. Ford Island is a small 441 acre island in the middle of Pearl Harbor and was the location of the flying operations of the Army in 1918. The navy started using the island for their own flying operations in 1923, it became so congested and busy the Army moved their operations to Hickam Air field and left Ford Island to the Navy.

The Pacific Aviation Museum occupies two classic hangars and the Ford Island control tower that still have the marks of war upon them. Bullet holes and shrapnel scars are easily visible while visiting the museum. The visitor experience begins in hanger 37, where you will view a short 12 minute video covering the surprise attack with actual historic footage. You will then move onto the display area and enjoy many dioramas retelling the story of aviation of the period. Hangar 79 is a large 80,000 square foot area that holds the collection of modern jets and historic helicopters

There is also a interactive WWII flight simulator, the museum restaurant “Laniakea Cafe”, and the Museum Store.

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