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Kaena Point State Park

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Kaena Point State Park

Kaena Point is the western most point of land on the Hawaiian Island of Oahu. This remote spot is a beautiful scenic area that can be reached from both the East and the Southeast depending on the route you travel. The ancient Hawaiians considered this expansive scenic vista as the place where souls would “jump off” and into the afterlife to meet the souls of their ancestors. With views of the Waianae coast and Mokuleia all joined with the view of the expansive Pacific Ocean you can see why this place had religious connotations.

The area received its name from a brother or a cousin of Pele who had accompanied her from Kahiki, which is the Hawaiian pronunciation of Tahiti. The word “kaena” means “the heat” and this area certainly lives up to that billing, you should plan on carrying plenty of sunscreen and water to stay safe while enjoying the beach. There are two ways to get to Kaena Point, one is from the North Shore and the other is from the Waianae Coast side. If you take the route from the North Shore you will travel to the very end of Farrington Highway and park, you then take the trail out to Kaena Point. If you choose to take the Waianae Coast side you travel to Kaena State Park and beach, where at the end it turns into an unimproved track until it is completely washed out, where you can begin your hike out to the point. It is not possible to travel around the point in a vehicle at all.

The beach at Kaena State Park is a remote place to swim and is rumored to have some of the largest waves around the island during the winter months. Several people have reported seeing wave faces between 60 to 80 feet at Kaena. Despite all these reports, the spot just does not have the appeal for the top big wave surfers. It could just be because of the remote location, with no direct access and no rescue assistance readily available. The area is also home to many strong undertows and rip currents that make the water activity very dangerous, however the view and photo opportunities make this a nice spot to visit while on the island.

Location of theKaena Point State Park: