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Ko Olina Resort Oahu, Hawaii

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Ko Olina Resort Oahu

One very special time to the island a friend let me use a timeshare at Ko Olina and it was a very nice experience. For about 7 days my office was an amazing view of the Ko Olina court yard. It was very easy to get to the grocery store and plan dinners with gas grills in the court yard. The room had internet and the views were awesome because just about any direction from the resort and you have an incredible view.

The resort has many differenent types of moments like these that you will hold in your hearts forever. Oahu truly has the most beautiful beaches in Hawaii and I can't think of a better place to start than Ko Olina Resort. As well as a spectacular beach facing the sweet sent of the Pacific ocean. Parking at the hotel is nice and easy with plenty of spaces and you can exit with your roomkey.

Along with the amazing experience you will get at the resort, there are many different types of fun activities in the area. Including the only water park on Oahu, lots of whale and dolphin boat trips, sunset dinner cruises, and next door is the famous Paradise Cove Luau.

Location and Map for the Ko Olina Resort:

Location and Map a Safeway that is very close to Ko Olina: